Thank you to Rachel Hollis for this beauty of a quote! Can you imagine if we all waited until we felt “ready” to take on a new challenge or to try something new? No one would do anything – ever.

Thank goodness for the dreamers, the risk-takers, and the early-adopters!

Life is so much more interesting (and it has so much more potential) when we just decide to go for it! Someone once told me that, “everything is figure-out-able,” and that has stuck with me ever since. What you can’t get back is time, so stop waiting for things to be perfect (it doesn’t exist!).

What are you gonna do this week to jump? Something specific you know you’ve been waiting on or procrastinating? Take one step towards it this week.  We all are going to be flying with ya I promise!


I’m looking forward to seeing your wings, girl!