Where to start with healing auto immune disease?
It can be quite overwhelming and exhausting just gathering the thousands of opinions out there on this ever expanding epidemic.
When I was diagnosed 9 years ago it was still pretty rare that I knew anyone with an auto immune disease, especially ulcerative colitis.  They say about 1 in 5 have or will have an auto immune disease at some point. 
 That’s pretty alarming.  But the good news is, we’ve grown leaps and bounds in even the 9 years since I was diagnosed.
We now have many many tried and true remedies and ways to help heal our bodies without just medicating the symptoms.
To start your healing journey you have to start with understanding auto immune disease at its core.  Each disease is so different and all our bodies are different and respond differently to different things.  I dug into as many resources as I could to start the journey into healing.
Here are 3 resources that might help you in getting started.  I like simple,  uncomplicated information. I love facts and research and all the goods too but when you’re just getting started you just need the basics, the first steps so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.
1.  The Auto Immune Solution. Great easy read on understanding who what where when and why. Her site has great articles too.
2.  The Auto Immune Protocol Made Simple. Perfect for those of us who aren’t quite ready to grow our own wheatgrass and whip up full course meals everyday.
3.  The Maker’s Diet.  I loved this one because it gives the background of how God created and designed our bodies and how in these modern times we’ve altered our foods so much that we were never intended to process half the stuff we have in our daily diets.  Just a good encouraging book and story of a mans huge health change from Crohns to full remission!
Any other great books you’ve read or suggest send them my way, I’d love to hear about them!