I get questions all the time about how I got into remission and got off 36 pills a day down to only taking herbs and natural supplements.
One of the biggest reasons I was able to heal and still am healing…. is from doing acupuncture.
I had many many friends and referrals of a well known acupuncturist here in Orange County who had helped thousands of cancer patients to auto immune disease sufferers and infertility couples to name a few.
It’s a process.  One treatment isn’t going to heal you.  It took months and then staying consistent with it over the years.  I took all the herbs and did what he told me and month by month I was healing.
I will forever be a huge advocate of it.  It’s worth every penny in my opinion… I literally wouldn’t have a colon if it weren’t for acupuncture!
Check out this article and do your own research.  Call your insurance and see what they cover, more and more policies are covering these treatments which is awesome.

Have any of you tried it consistently for a few months? If so, what were your thoughts?