Hi friends,

Welcome to all things Connie. Well…more like all things on my heart and things that bring me passion. I am a wife to Phil, my complete opposite and solid rock. He pastor’s our church here in San Diego where we live with our daughters Rozlyn & Everdeen. I am an enneagram 3 which you’ll totally see throughout my posts and vids and honestly I just love PEOPLE. I love sharing honest truths about all different topics in my life and things I’ve gone through with the simple hope that you too will find community and hope and sometimes even a laugh or two with what I share. Can’t wait to get to know you more and grow along this journey together. And hey, if we ever get to meet in person, I’m a hugger!

the goods

Blogging about health, biz, faith and more. Let’s get into it!

When your body turns on you what do you do? I’ve had my fair share of health problems and it’s truly grown me in ways I never thought. Fighting for my health and being my own advocate was crucial. I share here the things that have benefited me along my journey to healing and what I’m still learning.

all things biz

Mom life, wife life, social life, spiritual life and work life.  How do we keep it all together and still find passion in what we do?  I share all the top tips and great insights I’ve learned in my past jobs and my journey into entrepreneurship.  Plus, pitfalls and other things to avoid if ya truly wanna be a boss babe that thrives.

Need I say more? Ok but seriously… this is just going to be a hodge podge of whatever I feel is on my heart that can inspire, encourage, or even just let another woman know she’s not alone.  How can we navigate this crazy life and find our purpose through all the ups and downs?  We will chat about it here without holding back.