In case you are new here and you don’t already know this – I LOVE positive self-talk and affirmations! I’d literally lose my mind and wallow in self pity without them. 
Wanna know something real though? Lately I’ve been wallowing.
For. Real. Wallooooooowing.
Like really getting in my head and allowing the wrong voices, the wrong messages into my mind.
I truly think that if we tell ourselves something over and over again, we will start to believe it. And, if the negative voice in our head is telling us one thing, how amazing that we have the power to silence that voice just by repeating the opposite.
It’s a daily battle.  We don’t just know good quotes or great Bible verses and hope they sustain us in the long run.  We have to daily decide to CHOOSE those words to pour into our minds and hearts.  It’s like your daily feeding.  You don’t just eat dinner on Saturday and hope it sustains ya for 3 weeks, you eat everyday.  Our minds need the same thing.
Think about it…if your inner critic says this to you every day – “Why bother setting those goals, you know you won’t meet them?” and your response is, “I am worthy, I am enough, and I am capable of achieving my goals, I was created for BIG things,” (on repeat until your mindset has changed), how empowering is that?
Today…. let’s have some true talk with ourselves.  Some real affirmations.  Choose one or two Bible verses or quotes that you wanna hold onto today and put them on repeat.